Be a smarter parker

Park smarter on the school run and help keep our children safe.

If you have school-aged children, chances are you have probably experienced the busy school run in the car and perhaps parked where you shouldn't when you're in a hurry.

Our ‘Be a smarter parker’ campaign encourages parents to think carefully when parking near to the school, or even within the school car park, to help keep our children safe.

Parents can sometimes be tempted to park where they shouldn’t when they’re in a hurry, late for work, don’t want their children to get wet in bad weather and because "it's only for a moment".

By parking where you shouldn't, you are potentially putting your own and other people’s children at risk.

  • Don’t park on the ‘keep clear’ road markings
  • Don't park on yellow zig-zags or lines
  • Don't double-park

A 'Schools Go Smarter' camera car may be in your area to discourage you from parking unsafely. Penalty charge notices may apply if you park irresponsibly and illegally.

Parking responsibly will help keep your children safe and reduce congestion around the school gates and nearby properties.

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Northumberland now has a camera car

See it in action: