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The Go Smarter Business Network is open to any business located within the NECA area.

Our aim is to be a fully inclusive forum, regardless of the size of your business; as such, membership fees are graded by number of employees. Membership of the Go Smarter Business Network is subsidised by NECA, as a legacy project of the Go Smarter programme.

Membership fees: Fees for 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 are dependent on the number of employees per business/site (i.e. numbers of employees based within the NECA area), and are shown below:

Micro               25 or fewer people    £50.00

Small               26 - 50 people           £75.00

Medium           51 - 250 people         £100.00

Large              251 - 1,000 people    £150.00

Extra Large    1,000 + people           £250.00

Multi-tenant site Number of employees (total across site)

A                  1,000 or fewer people   £250.00

B                  1,000 + people              £500.00

Please note, with regards to a multi-tenant site application, an organisation (landlord or management company) may apply for membership of the Go Smarter Business Network on behalf of their tenants. This will allow the tenants to access to the Go Smarter Business Network offers via a single point of contact.

If you would like to join the Business Network, please contact (Go Smarter Business Network Secretary)

The network events and seminars have been extremely informative with great working examples and lots of opportunities to share ideas/innovations and to network with other regional organisations

Kate Manners, Head of Executive Support, RIBA Enterprises Ltd

The targets and training help with confidence and shared understanding

Michele Lucarelli, Chief Editor, NBS Technical