The Go Smarter coffee cart
Tuesday 2 September 2014
Staff working on Parsons, Armstrong and Crowther Industrial Estates in Washington were treated to a free cuppa by the Go Smarter to Work team recently, in a bid to find out more about how people travel to and from work.
Go Smarter bike awareness event
Friday 29 August 2014
Safer cycling and crime prevention was the aim of a bike awareness event that took place in Sunderland yesterday.
Friday 27 June 2014
A 10k charity cycling challenge was anything but ‘just like riding a bike’ for a student hoping to raise money to fund a volunteering trip to Zambia.
Pupils from Jarrow School
Friday 27 June 2014
JARROW School students are the latest to put their best foot forward and back a campaign that’s persuading thousands of young people across Tyne and Wear to walk more.