Safer cycling thanks to Go Smarter

Go Smarter bike awareness event

Safer cycling and crime prevention was the aim of a bike awareness event that took place in Sunderland yesterday.

Run by our Go Smarter team and Northumbria Police, the all-day event was designed to encourage employees of Vantec Europe to saddle up and cycle to work. 

Paul Andre, Crime Prevention Advisor with Northumbria Police, said: “We’ve had a great day meeting with Vantec staff and answering questions about cycling safety and bike security.

“With more people cycling during the summer months we typically see a rise in opportunistic thefts.

“Sessions like this show the sort of steps that can be taken to prevent you having your bike stolen - such as buying and using a good quality D lock and securing it in a proper bike rack covered by CCTV.

“And just by coming to events like this we can record and register your bike on the national database for free, helping with recovery.”

The Dr. Bike team was also on hand to provide free bike safety checks, alterations and minor repairs.

The sessions are part of a wider Go Smarter initiative to persuade people to leave their cars at home and choose alternative ways to get to work and school.

Carol Dougherty, Workplace Travel Advisor for Go Smarter in Sunderland said: “Cycling is a fun and sustainable form of travel and we want as many people as possible to take it up.

“To ensure this happens though we need to make sure people feel confident when on the road and assured that their bike is safe when it’s not in use.

“By getting more people to cycle we reduce carbon emissions and congestion on already overcrowded roads.”

Lisa Gardiner, HR Officer at Vantec Europe, said: “Vantec Europe employs more than 1000 people and we’re keen to encourage as many of them as possible to look for alternative and sustainable methods of getting to and from work.

“Cycling is just one of those and events like this show how it can be done in a way that’s easy for employees but also keeps them safe and their bikes secure.”

Go Smarter’s top tips for keeping your bike safe:

·         Record its details – make, model and frame number (usually found near the pedals). Take a picture

·         Get the right lock – buy a strong one; preferably a D-lock, it’s a good investment

·         Use the lock correctly – it should include at least a major part of the frame and one wheel, and be as tight as possible

·         Try to leave your bike at a proper bike rack in a busy area, covered by CCTV if possible

·         Keep your bike in a secure place when you are at home