QE Hospital goes Platinum with the Go Smarter Accreditation Awards

Jessica Anderson, Go Smarter Programme Manager (centre) awards Platinum Accreditation to Andy Colwell, Head of Facilities and Sarah Needham, Sustainability, Waste & PAM Manager at QE Facilities.

Go Smarter’s Jessica Anderson visited the QE Hospital in Gateshead to present a Platinum Accreditation Award.

The QE Hospital is the first NHS organisation in the North East Combined Authority area to have achieved a Platinum Accreditation Award from Go Smarter, the Government programme that encourages everyone to travel more sustainably on their everyday journeys.

Fantastic benefits

Sarah Needham, Sustainability, Waste & PAM Manager at QE Facilities, said: "We are absolutely delighted to have achieved the Platinum Accreditation Award. As an organisation, we have worked hard with Go Smarter to Work since 2015 and encouraged our employees to consider making the switch from using their cars for commuting to and from work, to using sustainable modes.

Sustainable travel has some fantastic benefits for employees in terms of health and fitness, and for the hospital in the long term.

Sarah Needham, QE Hospital

"We will continue to think about different initiatives that will continue to encourage this behaviour change."

Jessica Anderson, Programme Manager for Go Smarter, said: "On behalf of the programme, I am thrilled that the QE Hospital has achieved our Platinum Award. The staff have put in some outstanding work and deserve their success."

Some of the initiatives that the QE Hospital, part of the Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, now has in place include a staff bus ‘hopper’ service between sites, which allows staff to travel without having to use their cars; a pool of electric cars for staff; and information about travelling sustainably on the hospital website.

Business Network

The QE Hospital is also a member of the Go Smarter Business Network, which gives businesses across the region access to travel discounts and networking opportunities.

The Accreditation Awards are given to businesses across the region for their ongoing commitment to sustainable travel, through encouraging their workforces to use walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing on their daily commutes to work, and even for encouraging their visitors to think about travelling more sustainably.

Gold, silver and bronze awards have been awarded during the course of the programme over the last five years, but the Platinum Accreditation Award is the highest achievement that can be made by a business engaged with the Go Smarter to Work programme.