Northumberland’s Wheels 2 Work scheme joins national campaign


Wheels 2 Work is an initiative from Go Smarter Northumberland, the sustainable travel initiative that supports people who are struggling to get transport to work, or are unable to accept a job because they can’t get there.

The scheme provides people in Northumberland who are employed or enrolled in apprenticeship training access to scooters so they can travel to their workplace. For more information email  

Wheels 2 Work is joining forces with International Ride to Work Day to highlight the benefits of riding to work.

About the national campaign

Now in its 24th year, International Ride to Work Day kick-starts Ride to Work Week, Monday 15th – Sunday 21st June 2015.  It’s the time when moped, scooter and motorcycle riders across the nation take to the roads to celebrate their chosen mode of travel. It’s also the time when riders are encouraged to promote the benefits of commuting on two wheels to non-riders and to show other commuters what they’re missing.

Time saved is the big factor mentioned by all riders, who value the ability to filter through static traffic queues, which means they can gauge their travel time more accurately and arrive at work on time.  

More motorcycles help speed up traffic

There is also evidence to suggest all road users would benefit if more commuters switched from cars to mopeds, motorcycles or scooters. An EU study which modelled the traffic for a particularly congested part of Belgium showed congestion was reduced by 40% for all road users when just 10% of car drivers switched to a powered two wheeler. 


Motorcyclists tend to be the happiest commuters too, according to a one off survey by the Office for National Statistics.  This showed commuting by motorcycle, scooter or moped had no negative impact on journeys of up to half an hour, in contrast to most other forms of public and private transport. 

Safety first

The Motorcycle Industry Association recently launched a joint policy document with the National Police Chief’s Council (formerly ACPO) proposing the idea that encouraging more motorcycles will help improve road safety for all.

For more details on Ride to Work Week, visit the website , join the event on Facebook , find us on Twitter  and join in the conversation using #commutehappy