Great fun with Fell Dyke Primary despite the grey skies!

Pupils at Fell Dyke Community Primary School improve their cycle skills

The staff and pupils at Fell Dyke Community Primary School have long been advocates of sustainable travel.

They have been actively involved in all the activities we have organised there. From Dr Bike events to classroom sessions, all activities have been met with enthusiasm and excitement.

On a recent cold and damp winter morning, Schools Go Smarter Officer Richard ran a bike and scooter skills and games session at the school.

The children absolutely loved it and took part in great spirit; they had a go at some challenging games with a smile and a laugh and supported each other throughout.

Richard says: "It was particularly nice to hear the children laughing out loud as they played the games.

"All of this on a flat playground in cold damp drizzle! It goes to show how positive a bit of fun and physical activity can be if it is supported and promoted."

The children are already looking forward to their next session and there's no worry about any more rain dampening their spirits!