Go Smarter sustainable travel roadshow comes to Northumberland

Go Smarter roadshow

Businesses and staff in South East Northumberland will be learning about the benefits of sustainable travel all this week as the Go Smarter roadshow makes its way around the county.

Starting on Monday 23 February at Nelson and Bassington Industrial Estate, Go Smarter Northumberland – the sustainable transport programme – begins its week-long roadshow tour promoting greener and healthier transport, including cycling, walking, public transport use and car sharing.

Visiting business parks in South East Northumberland, the Go Smarter Roadshow will show staff how small changes to their daily commute can have a positive impact. Anyone that completes a Go Smarter travel survey will be rewarded with some free lunchtime soup.

Go Smarter Northumberland provides advice and guidance on a number of sustainable transport initiatives with some of the most popular being walking, cycling, public transportation and car sharing.

Car sharing, or car pooling as it often referred to, has become increasingly popular in the North East and Go Smarter Northumberland’s Share Smarter initiative is one of the schemes encouraging people to buddy up in the car.

Cllr Ian Swithenbank, policy board member for streetcare and environment at Northumberland County Council, said: “80% of people who commute to work do so on their own. We could significantly reduce the number of cars on our roads and our environmental impact by car sharing.

“That’s just one of the many ways people living in South East Northumberland can work with Go Smarter to make positive changes to their existing commute.”

In addition to car sharing, staff at the Go Smarter roadshows will also be helping people interested in cycling or walking to work. Go Smarter’s online journey planner at gosmarter.co.uk provides detailed information on the best, and quickest, cycling and walking routes, as well as up-to-date public transport options.

Cllr Ian Swithenbank continued: “Sustainable and active travel doesn’t need to be intimidating, it’s as simple as getting off the bus a stop early or getting the bike out of the garage and leaving the car at home. We can all make small steps that will relieve congestion on our roads and help the environment.”

The Go Smarter roadshow will be visiting Nelson and Bassington Industrial Estate on Monday 23 February, Blyth and Kitty Brewster Industrial Estate on Tuesday 24 February, Wansbeck Business Centre and Jubilee Industrial Estate on Wednesday 25 February, Ashwood Business Park and North Seaton Industrial Estate on Thursday 26 February, Manor Walks on Friday 27 February and finally Dudley and Northumberland Business Park on Monday 2 March.