Go Smarter helps local police force in the fight against bike crime

Go Smarter with Northumria Police

Go Smarter is helping Northumbria Police to prevent bike theft, by providing hundreds of bike locks and bike marking kits that can be used by local police officers to support local businesses, employees and schools.

Go Smarter, the behaviour change programme for the North East that encourages everyone to use sustainable transport – like walking, cycling and using public transport – on their everyday journeys, sourced the equipment from specialist supplier, Selectamark Security Systems in Kent, to help local police stay one step ahead of potential bike thieves.

Go Smarter has worked with local Design Out Crime Officers in the Force Intelligence Bureau for Northumbria Police, to offer the Locks and Bike Marking Kits, which are linked to the BikeRegister database. The database allows real time searching for bikes and their owners should the bikes go missing. With 500,000 bicycles registered, it is the biggest dedicated cycle database in the UK, working nationally so bikes reported stolen in neighbouring police forces are all searchable by local police officers.

Sandra Killeen, Design Out Crime Officer for Northumbria Police, said ‘’We have been working with Go Smarter to source these specialist kits, which we will use within the local community to help reduce cycle theft’’.

Emma Allan, Go Smarter Programme Support Officer, said ‘This is a great partnership and by helping to reduce bike theft, we are at the same time keeping local people on their bikes, allowing them to make healthier, more active everyday journeys. It has been a pleasure to help support the work of the Northumbria Police force’’.


Police Community Support Officer

Emma Allan, Go Smarter Programme Support Officer

Sandra Killeen, Design Out Crime Officer for Northumbria Police