Cycling to Work Day at Cobalt Business Park

Nearly 14,000 staff are based at Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside and the team at Cobalt works hard to promote all forms of sustainable travel including cycling, car sharing and public transport.

Go Smarter to Work supports Cobalt Business Park in its work to encourage sustainable and active travel amongst its employees. Go Smarter to Work is the Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme for Tyne and Wear.

For National Cycle to Work Day in September, many of the companies based at Cobalt provided special Bikers’ Breakfasts for those cycling to work and employees took advantage of Cobalt’s bike loan scheme which allows people to trial cycling to work before investing in a bike of their own.

One person who took part in Cycle to Work Day was Kris Whitelaw who works at Utilitywise, one of the UK’s leading business energy and water consultancies.

Kris has been cycling to work since 2013 and has used the Utilitywise Cycle to Work Scheme which offers employees an interest free loan to buy a bike and accessories.

Kris explained: “I live in Killingworth and it takes me just 12 minutes to travel to work on my bike. It keeps me fit and helps me with my training for the other activities I do – cycle races, triathlon, sportive (mass participation cycling events), and coast to coast rides.

“It’s also more cost effective and the Cycle to Work scheme helped me to buy a kids’ trailer to go with the bike.”

Go Smarter to Work engages with key employment sites around the A1 and A19, to encourage businesses and employees to use sustainable transport – like cycling, walking, using public transport or car sharing - to make journeys to work greener, healthier and cheaper.

If you want to find out more about using sustainable transport for your journey to work at Cobalt Business Park, contact