Cobalt staff take up cycling to work

Two road cyclists

People who work at Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside are benefiting from a range of Go Smarter to Work’s sustainable travel initiatives including regular bike health check sessions and bike security marking.

Working together with the Cobalt Business Park management team, Go Smarter to Work encourages the 14,000 staff who work at the site to use sustainable transport to commute to and from work, including cycling, car sharing and public transport.

The site’s regular Cycle Hub events which focus on encouraging people to take up cycling to work can attract more than 50 people each month and a number of staff have loaned bikes for a month at a time to trial cycling to and from work.

Lynn Turner, who works at Accenture, said:

“Almost four months since starting out I am still cycling to work five days a week from South Gosforth to the Cobalt. The last bike I owned had stabilisers initially so that will tell you how long ago it was!  

“The bike loan scheme was definitely the catalyst for a non-cyclist like me. Being able to try it out for a month with all of the accessories provided before making a decision was brilliant. I am hoping to continue my cycle commute for as long as possible into the autumn and hopefully the winter.” 

Alex Fowler who works at Siemens, said:

“I am fortunate in living only four miles from my workplace. Whilst it is a short ride from Whitley Bay, it is enough to get the heart rate up and boost my overall fitness. It is also a fantastic feeling to know that biking is a really positive thing to do for the environment.”

Lesley Anderson, who works for North Tyneside Council on Cobalt Business Park, said:

“I LOVED the bike to work scheme, I was fortunate to have the bike over the nice weather of the summer and it totally made me want my own!”

“A great deal of my time at work is spent out on home visits and I managed to work it that I would bike home and collect my car, do all of my arranged appointments and then drop off my car and collect my bike. This arrangement worked very well and during summer months biking to work is definitely something I would consider again.”

Go Smarter to Work engages with key employment sites around the A1 and A19, to encourage businesses and employees to use sustainable transport – like cycling, walking, using public transport or car sharing - to make journeys to work greener, healthier and cheaper.

If you want to find out more about using sustainable transport for your journey to work at Cobalt Business Park, contact