Car Free Day at Star of the Sea

Star of Sea

Star of the Sea RC Primary School in North Tyneside has a very large catchment area which has resulted in high levels of car use. The school incorporates Nursery through to Year 6 with 450 pupils in total.

Star of the Sea RC Primary School wanted to promote all forms of active travel, increasing an awareness of the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school. It was also important to promote safe parking outside of school.

The school worked in partnership with Schools Go Smarter and North Tyneside Council to liaise with a local supermarket to provide parking space for park and stride. A whole school assembly was delivered with Histrionics, a theatre company which provides themed activities, to use stories from history to promote active travel.

Dr Bike was provided to assess and fix pupils’ bikes, and active travel themed lessons were delivered in every class. The event was promoted to parents and carers via email, notices in the school newsletter and leaflets handed out to parents two days before the event as they dropped their children off for school.

Monitoring stations were set up at the start and end of the day to capture pupils’ mode of travel. The results were very positive, with 36% of pupils walking to school, 9% coming by bike and 10% scooting to school.

Star of the Sea RC Primary School compared the results with their latest travel hands-up survey which showed a 57% (30 percentage points) reduction in travel by car on the day. The data suggests that the majority of those leaving the car at home chose to walk to school instead, making the Car Free Day a huge success.