Terms of use for the Go Smarter app

Terms of use for the Go Smarter app

By using the Go Smarter app, you are deemed to have read and accepted the Terms of Use.

  1. You are granted a non-transferable license to download, install and use the Go Smarter app on a personal device on the terms and conditions of these Terms of use. You have no rights in or to Go Smarter other than this licence.
  2. You may not provide or otherwise make Go Smarter available, in whole or in part, in any form to any person for commercial purposes.
  3. You must be over 16 years and legally competent to use Go Smarter or else have the permission of your parent(s) or guardian(s).
  4. You may not use Go Smarter for illegal purposes or other unauthorised activities.
  5. You may not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the whole or any part of Go Smarter, make alterations and modifications to or derivative works based on Go Smarter or combine or incorporate Go Smarter or parts of Go Smarter in any other service, program or product.
  6. Go Smarter is provided as is and as available without any warranty of any kind and with limited liability and support. You are responsible for your own safety while using Go Smarter. To the extent not prohibited by law, we are in no event liable for:
    1. Any damage or personal injury caused by using or rather lack of functioning of Go Smarter
    2. Hardware or software glitches, outages or errors
    3. Accuracy or completeness of registered data or displayed data or loss of data
    4. Business interruption or loss of business
    5. Any situation that occurs when somebody else is using your device or can see your data
    6. Any situation that occurs due to the use of Go Smarter and the battery consumption this entails
    7. Force majeure situations
  7. We reserve the right to change, suspend, remove or disable access to Go Smarter at any time without individual notice.
  8. We reserve the right to change or terminate the licence. You can always stop using Go Smarter and end the licence by removing Go Smarter from your device. 

Privacy Statement

The Go Smarter app registers your outdoor movements using location tracking via your device and collects data on your travel behaviour. Based on this data Go smarter gives you personalised incentives. The data that we collect is personal information governed by privacy law. Because we care about your privacy, we have created a privacy statement that describes how we ensure your privacy. For your convenience you can find the most important terms in short below. 

  1. We only collect personal data for the need of the objective of Go Smarter: to incentivise you to make smart travel choices.
  2. The data that we collect are:
    1. your email address as identifier to enable you to log in and to enable us to send you information or to ask for you feedback
    2. postal address (only when you want to receive rewards per postal mail)
    3. sensor information from your device to record your travel behaviour: GPS and wifi locations and timestamps and accelerometer traces
  3. Whenever you notify us that you would like to end all use of Go Smarter, we will delete all of your personal data in our possession. Such a notification mail can be send to transport@newcastle.gov.uk 
  4. You have the right to access all personal data that have been collected with Go Smarter. If you believe that personal data is recorded incorrectly, you may request us to change it. Request mails can be send to transport@newcastle.gov.uk 
  5. We only share anonymised data with third parties. Personal data will never be issued to third parties, unless by court order, without your prior permission.
  6. If you believe we do not handle your personal data correctly, submit a complaint to transport@newcastle.gov.uk and this will be dealt with in line with the Newcastle City Council complaint procedure.